Young Man

kevin WAK williams 3 sporst art history black moorish
Young man, You are not your father’s mistakes and misfortunes
Nor are you his second chance at a better life
You are a clean slate, granted the free will to make choices you believe are in your best interest
You owe nothing to no man. Your only obligation is to your purpose
A purpose bigger than anything you can ever imagine
Designed to ensure you make a stellar impact in this world
Don’t think for a minute you are anything but worthy
Don’t think for a second you are anything but great
You are the strength and intelligence who built this world
And every piece of it is yours and your sons to claim
Young man, The woman is meant to be honored and cherished as the temple of life that birthed the first of all men
She is not a brothel for you to indulge your erotic desires and trample on her feelings
The woman is an Oasis, in your desert of possibilities
From whence you will drink from her the nourishment and wisdom you will need for this life
Young man, cry hard if you must and never feel ashamed to show hurt
For in a world of false pretenses, owning your pain is a virtue
But be tough and fearless in the face of adversity
For she can be relentlessly difficult, though she means you well
Love your brothers, and build them up to be their best selves
Honor your mother, with the love and care she so selflessly gave to you her whole life
If you must cheat, cheat death so you may live longer
If you must steal, steal the moments that remind you how lucky you are to be alive
If you must curse, curse the factions of society that want to pacify your manliness
And if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love for as many sunsets as you can

One response to “Young Man”

  1. It would be good to have a conversation around a few of the ideas in this piece.


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