Jamaica is a KC country!



Disclaimer: I am a proud Wolmerian! No school can begin to come close to the admiration and respect I have for THE Wolmer’s Boys’ School, especially Kingston College (KC). However, my affinity for Wolmers’ doesn’t cloud my judgment enough to acknowledge a known truth, that Jamaica is a KC country.

To add a little context, my Father and younger brother went to KC and it was a heartbreaking time in the family, especially for my father, when I decided I wanted to attend Wolmers. After years of my father’s strategic conditioning, having brought me to the North Street and Elleston road campuses for various football matches and events, he was certain I was destined for KC. Ironically, to this day people will assume I was a KC old boy, by virtue of some personality traits I have that are similar to a KC alum (I bet even you thought the same). But alas, the Universe had a greater plan in store for me, hence the transition to Wolmers.

My Father and I are still good (at least, I think he’s gotten over it), but I know for certain he would agree with me saying, Jamaica is a KC country. I don’t make this conclusion based on the school’s successes in Football, Debating and most recently Track & Field and School’s Challenge Quiz. I have always held that view, and after hearing my reasons below, you may be inclined to agree with me too.

Wolmer’s Boys are the respectable bunch i.e. the gentlemen and the nerds, and often times considered the socially and intellectually elite of all prominent all-boys schools in the corporate area. But with all of that under our belt, we are still not a Kingston College. Kingston College has evolved from being just a set of schools in Kingston to a complete value system that most Jamaicans have wholeheartedly bought into. KC is the home of winners and holds a secret formula for producing champions in a variety of ways.

Jamaican culture is one predicated on producing and celebrating champions, and we have a tendency to get emotionally attached to our champions but rigidly detached from our losers. If you’re a Jamaican I want you to think about Asafa Powell before Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell after Usain Bolt, and you’ll begin to see what I’m saying.

We try to win at everything, and we’re very hype about it (even if there is a high chance we might lose). However, this culture of winning transcends competitive sports and can be traced all the way back to our Emancipation from Slavery. We must remember that emancipation was not gifted to us by the Queen for all that hard work. Rather, her hand was forced to free up the State as a result of multiple uprisings from pockets of frustrated slaves who figured out how to beat the planter class. If you notice, each revolt has centered around a person with perceived superhuman traits over their peers, most notably our beloved Nanny of the Maroons and her (alleged) ability to catch incoming bullets with her buttocks.

Subsequently, Nanny and other heroes of the revolution were officially recognized as the National Heroes of Jamaica. And that’s how we’ve been cultured; to passionately celebrate our wins, but also honor and fall in love with our winners. Bob Marley became our King of Reggae because he was able to bring our culture to the wider world and get global acceptance. Usain Bolt became a celebrated sprint legend because of his consistent ability to win over the course of his track and field career. But Bob Marley, Usain Bolt, and KC all have one thing in common besides their ability to win; and that’s their ability to beat white privilege.

White privilege is a global system of ethics, values, and attitudes that inform how a white person will fair in life comparable to a black person. This is why the brown class in Jamaica, being a derivative of white privilege, have been able to hold a monopoly on opportunities for social and economic advancement for so many years.

I think the spirit of KC is a manifestation of the Jamaican struggle to prove that we can rise to the top, and break the ceiling of white privilege. KC’s history is rooted in its commitment to making quality secondary level education available to the poorer class; comparable to other prominent all-boys schools like Wolmer’s, Munro College, St. Georges College and Jamaica College which were reserved for children of the aristocracy or brown class. With the vast majority of Jamaicans currently among the lower class of our society, you can understand why there is this national embrace of a Kingston College.

Noteworthy also, is KC’s commitment to a diverse schooling experience. Unlike other prominent all-boys schools in the corporate area, KC seems to make a concerted effort to recruit boys from all classes of society, especially the lower class. Most importantly, they have an Alumni that invests heavily in the development of these boys year after year, instilling in each graduate a duty to give back to their alma mater. This is not just an act of benevolence on their part, but rather a genuine belief in the awesome potential of the average Jamaican to be turned into a champion.

KC represents the Jamaican struggle to show the world, that despite our social, economic and geographic disadvantages, WE CAN STILL BEAT THEM. Jamaicans want the world to know that we are winners, we’re hype about the fact and we will keep winning if you keep testing us. No other school has been able to consistently connect with this burning desire in the hearts of every Jamaican, in the way that Kingston College has. KC’s ability to position their brand in this way is what has, and will continue to attract talented young men from all over Jamaica who want to be champions.


21 responses to “Jamaica is a KC country!”

  1. Fortis forever!


  2. Dwayne G Riley Avatar
    Dwayne G Riley

    Dude this brought tears to my eyes as I realise the truth in your argument. FORTIS FOREVER


  3. L.G. McDonald Avatar
    L.G. McDonald

    I cannot in any way, shape or form agree with you more. The fellowship and heartfelt love of our fellow Alma mater is something that will never and cannot ever be lost among us . Fortis Cadere….
    So what if I’m prejudiced!!!


    1. As one of those KCOB, there’s only one thing I have to say about this piece: It’s ElletSON Rd, not ElleSTON Rd. 😆 Nice compliment from a competitor. Thanks. (Oh, and check your fear of fare by the use of fair.)

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  4. Great article. As a KC old boy, it’s always good to see an unbiased commentary and understanding of the Fortis spirit. We were founded by Bishop Gibson specifically to educate society’s underdog – the poor, Black male child. I’m glad that you get it. Bravo!

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    1. I’ve been explaining this to people for several years now, that we were not suppose to win. People ask, why KC people act like they love their school more than anyone else suh? And my reply is always..because we do. We do because it gave us the opportunity to excel and provide social mobility and also to outperform the aristocrats, who thought it was impossible for the poor underprivileged boys from downtown to do so..while I recognize this..it sounds a whole lot better coming from you..

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  5. Ronald McLean Avatar
    Ronald McLean

    This article hits the nail on the head!!


  6. Fortis Forever Avatar
    Fortis Forever

    Close enough to the truth as you can be sir. You should have attended Kingston College yourself.


    1. As a Gibsonite, a son of Clovelly I often wonder how other schoolboys dealt with all you mentioned above. You must have been pining for years to release this piece.
      I think both you and your dad are stronger men for your experience. Stay blessed.


  7. Thank you for shedding light on the Big Purple Elephant in the room and not conforming with the Status Quo of hatred. Your views are pronounced and candid. Ironically there is an institution you did not find necessary to mention once.


  8. Joseph Pitter Avatar
    Joseph Pitter

    Total rubbish if as a Wolmerian you regret having not gone to kc then that I’d your failure. I am a Wolmerian and I’ve no desire to go to kc. Wolmers is the oldest high school in the Caribbean even older than the USA nation. All high schools have learnt from the wolmers brand so again your analysis is wasted rubbish.


    1. You broke the Wolmerian’s heart young sir. Although you clearly stated facts that were unquestionable. You also clearly explained how you deduced that conclusion and I’m inclined to support your argument. I’m not a KC old boy btw because like you, I know the sun can’t set on Maroon and Gold. Nobody attending any other school but KC wants to see this article though. Nobody cares about the truth. You also need not look any further than the masses in the stadium on Champs Saturday. Despite not winning for a decade, they still command the largest following at the athletics spectacle. Fair play in writing the article Wolmerian!


  9. Brilliant article. This sums up every thing about KC. Thanks for the wonderful contribution.


  10. Purcell Greene Avatar
    Purcell Greene

    Your are correct in many aspects. We strive to instill in every student who attend the only high school in Jamaica worth attending. Many will and often mistake this statement as one of arrogance but we will quickly correct individuals by explaining it is not arrogance, but self confidence.

    Discipline, dedication and a commitment to self improvement is a KC culture.

    An example, during my 6th Form days I would often wander into school with my tie in my pocket. I was approached by our beloved, revered and respected VP, Mr. Johnno, who said, “you are a 6th former and hence should be setting an example for the rest of the school”. Henceforth, I proudly wore my tie everywhere and every time.

    We accept, school, tutor and mold boys regardless of socioeconomic background as stated earlier.

    We have had leaders/headmasters who have cleaned house of gifted athletes because they failed to maintain required academic and disciplanary standards.

    Our foundation is built on strong long lasting principles.

    I share a similar school and family history/life experience as the writer.

    Six siblings, three brothers attended KC. 1 brother Jago, one sister Aplha and Cdown for 6th form and my other sister Jago. My father attended Cbar along with one of his younger brother.

    My house was exciting, full of life, teasing taunting and vibrant year round.

    The writer is correct with his historical references to Jamaica’s colonial past and how it permeates all aspects of the society, especially our educational system.

    As seen in the sports and culture of certain schools. Munro, JC, Wolmers and the Jewish girl in St. Elizabeth beside Munro. I played field hockey for KC and was reminded of the working class origins and nature of KC when we visited Munro for a game. Or when we have interactions with the hockey association in Kingston that was dominated by Wolmers JC and Munro alums.

    KC is accepting of any and everyone. The purple blood coursing through our veins converts and instill in all students the indomitable never say die KC spirit.

    Purple Power is not just a phrase, it’s a rallying call, a spirit of oness, inclusion, love honour and respect.

    When asked which high i/attended, our response is, the only high school in Jamaica worth attending. A statement that usually illicits the following responses; “lawd God, yuh mus be a kc bwoy. You went to KC. Let me guess you are KC old boys. Only unnu behave so”.

    Self confidence not arrogance. The principles and discipline instilled in us by our beloved, most respected and revered school is ever lasting and makes us the individual and proud family we are and will continue to be.

    Fortis for life, Fortis forever.

    Thanks to our forebrothers and sisters(teachers, administrators, support staff) for laying the foundation for what is the greatest high school to exist in the world.

    Thanks to everyone who have supported and continue to support us. Thanks to the writer for bigging up our school.

    Nuff respect to all high schools in Jamaica that continue to teach mould and shape young minds.


  11. Corey Robinson Avatar
    Corey Robinson

    Let me say that I respect this article whole heartedly. I am a KC student but let me not for a minute belittle my respect for schools like Wolmers, JC and even Calabar. Because I love my school so much I can understand and respect the love of others for their schools, and I fail to understand how other schools hate KC. KC is so good for exactly the reasons you mentioned. We were built for the poorer class. Something the ghetto youth can be proud of. I am an award-winning journalist and had it not been for KC I don’t think I would have reached this far. I hate when people hate on us for being proud. It is very refreshing to read this. Respect my brother, all the best


  12. @ Joseph Pitter, it will be prudent that you read over the comment of the writer before making that pronouncement. The writer made it clear that he love his alma mata but he’s being unbiased in his effort to highlight the strong culture and fellowship that KC has garnered over the years. To be JP you have just reinforce the point of the writer that those who have the greatest issue with the FORTIS culture are those individuals that have failed to excel above their current mindset of being a loser. Many will read and will take it out of context that i am bashing the Wolmers, but before you do so research the word “individual” and then construct your argument thereafter. The brave may fall……….haters you’all know the rest so complete the rest for me.


  13. @ Joseph Pitter, it will be prudent that you read over the comment of the writer before making that pronouncement. The writer made it clear that he love his alma mata but he’s being unbiased in his effort to highlight the strong culture and fellowship that KC has garnered over the years. JP you have just reinforce the point of the writer that those who have the greatest issue with the FORTIS culture are those individuals that have failed to excel above their current mindset of being a loser. Many will read and will take it out of context that i am bashing Wolmers, but before you do so research the word “individual” and then construct your argument thereafter. The brave may fall……….haters you’all know it by now, so complete the rest for me.


  14. Gerby, Your body may have been at Heroes Circle, but your heart, mind & soul resided at North Street…great article, sir!!!!!


  15. Brian Morrison Avatar
    Brian Morrison

    Alas! An article that articulates the depths of the Kingston College spirit. Your understanding of privilege vs. the underclass in this context is Wolmerian indeed. Thanks.



    1. Purple Pride!
      Purple Power!
      Purple Blood!
      We Respect those who respect us!
      We never back down from a challenge.
      Non Potest!!


  16. Marlene Parker Avatar
    Marlene Parker

    Well written… interesting perspective… and a testament to a good Wolmerian education..
    – Proud Mom of Wolmerians


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