My Two cents: for the Broke, Unemployed and Ambitious young Jamaican

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Student loans to payback, work experience, first car, first apartment, first million….do these terms look familiar to you? I mean there are others but these seem to stand out in the minds of most millennials. These are the terms that haunt us every day in the shower, on the treadmill, while driving, while cooking, having sex (sometimes lol) and while doing just about anything these days. It’s nerve wrecking isn’t it? Especially when you’re based in Jamaica where all you see on the news is incremental increases in unemployment and promises of more jobs which for some reason all seem to be linked to the opening of a new call center. Hmm.

Well here’s my two cents: if opportunities are lacking in Jamaica, try maths up a visa and get out. No, I’m not encouraging you to emigrate, but do it more so personal and professional development; especially if the options locally seem nil for you. It’s nonsensical to spend thousands/millions in school to settle for opportunities that only offer a fraction of that investment. The fact that our politicians have royally flushed the country down the drain over the years with their  corrupted politicking should not be your burden to bear. Go into the world and claim better for yourself.






One response to “My Two cents: for the Broke, Unemployed and Ambitious young Jamaican”

  1. I agree! Then you will have those who say us Millennials are contributing to the brain drain… but we have go where the money is. You can’t run a country’s exchange rate down into the ground and expect the young’uns to stay around and suffer because of it. I taking exchange programs seriously, man. Right now networking is what I in university for. Y’sir.


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